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Sometime in the 1970’s, James E. Cornette was talking with his good friend Norman Dooley on the telephone. Now Norman produced a wrestling newsletter for Louisville wrestling fans, which included the match results for the events that he had attended live. Dooley would add his opinions to the bouts including his own assessment of the match quality.  In a joking manner, Jim mentioned to Norman that he should include star ratings like the TV Guide did when listing the movies.

Dooley actually liked the idea and began rating the matches on a five-star scale.  History shows that many other writers have followed suit and began sharing their opinions with the five-star scale attached. 

We are no different and Will Burns will be assessing every match that we review on a five-star scale.  The scale is massively open to interpretation, so if you agree or don’t agree with the rating, that’s fine because after all, this is just one man’s opinion.




Excellent match


Great match


Good match

Average match


Poor match


Awful match

We will also use fractions to give us more leeway when assessing the match. Therefore, if we think Ric Flair vs. Greg Valentine is a good to great match we would rate this as ***½.

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Will Burns

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Source: The Jim Cornette Experience Podcast